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The Rise Of Ransomware Attacks

Sightline innovation26th August 2021
The rise of ransomware attacks in the last year is due to various factors. These include the popularity of difficult-to-trace cryptocurrency, a boom in WFH (work-from-home) practices that have created new vulnerabilities, and a tense political climate between America and Russia. Read More

Canada-Winning the fight for Data Sovereignty could be our last chance in a world-class innovation economy

Sightline innovation20th July 2021
Data sovereignty has become a topic known to Canadian policy makers for some time. Read More

Data Assets - the new asset class for everyone

Sightline innovation15th June 2021
The exhaust produced by our interaction with digital systems makes us part of the data economy, just as the energy we consume, the food we eat, and the breath we exhale make us effectively part of the carbon economy. Read More

Multi-cloud, the next State of Enterprise Computing

Sightline innovation17th June 2020
Cloud infrastructure has dominated the last decade of enterprise computing. However, Cloud’s success has left unintended and intended consequences in its wake. Read More