Trusted Data Collaboration

DTaaS is a cybersecurity tool that keeps your assets safe. It enables data collaboration, value creation, analytics, and governance, all in one secure platform tailored for data-rich industries.

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Trusted partners

Datatrust for
a connected community

Our Datatrust platform (DTaaS) enables you to become a Smart City through Trusted Data Collaboration between your citizens, staff, and the city.

What you can do with our all-in-one platform

Securely collaborate

Our platform enables enterprise datacollaboration which can be used to solve complex problems by breakingdown data silos, with full control of datarights and access

Selected success stories

smart cities

Smart Cities

The City of Toronto contracted Sightline Innovation to explore the use of Datatrust technology for various Connected Community use cases.


Public Health Agency of

PHAC leveraged the Sightline Datatrust and AI platform technology to monitor mental health and behavioural patterns.

Our best in class technology

Big Data

Automation, data traceability and distributed identity

AI Analytics
Open Container

Distributed AI app development

Zero Trust

Automation of data compliance and governance

Distributed Ledger
& Smart Contracts

Automation, data traceability and distributed identity


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