Solutions for Smart Cities

Empower cities with smart services while protecting the data and privacy of residents


Improve municipal and state services

DTaaS can be utilized to improve sustainability and access to civil services, streamline tenant relations in city housing, integrate community services across public sector divisions.

Protect data of citizens

How data is collected, processed, applied, governed and protected are fundamental in smart cities. DTaaS creates solutions that power smart cities without compromising the privacy and confidence of citizens.

Gain valuable insights from data

DTaaS enables data collaboration across public and private sector organizations to allow for real-time insights into everyday actions and longer term strategic decisions.


A deeper dive on our enabling technologies


What is a Data Trust?

This document provides clean context of what a datatrust is and highlights all the moving parts which differentiate it from other privacy solutions.


Dismantling the Data Status Quo

Technological innovation has been lauded as the hallmark of the past century. We focus so much on the amazing opportunities technology provides that we neglect to ask the question, “At what cost?”

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