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Create better outcomes in healthcare through data utilization and collaboration


Trusted data collaboration with multiple stakeholders

The healthcare industry requires stakeholders across numerous institutions to collaborate on data in a secure manner. DTaaS provides secure collaboration for this sensitive data along with analytics tools, in a user-friendly environment.

Data-driven decisions in healthcare settings

Data-driven decisions are essential in healthcare and help to improve processes and human output, and to facilitate ongoing learning within healthcare systems. DTaaS empowers healthcare organizations to create better outcomes.

Anonymization of data

Healthcare organizations constantly deal with personally patient data. DTaaS facilitates compliance with global privacy legislation, and creates an audit trail of data usage and enforces data usage rights via smart contract, enabling precision healthcare.

Case studies

An in-depth look at successful applications of our product in the healthcare industry


Public Health Agency of Canada

PHAC leveraged the Sightline Datatrust and AI platform technology to monitor mental health and behavioural patterns around suicide ideation and ideation risk. It used social media data sources to monitor & predict (with AI) aggregate level mental health risk across Canada. The outcome was a privacy compliant real time monitoring system for suicide ideation risk. PHAC is now able to utilize new data sources such as social media.


Real Time Medical

Leveraging private and public datasets, with the Sightline AI & Datatrust platform, a recommendation engine was deployed for radiologists that ensures all patient data is protected. This system helped them to better understand the care needed for their patients, improve their knowledge around best practices and optimize scheduling of caseload.


Safe at Work

Safe at Work is an IOT based application designed to manage the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. It creates a unique digital twin representation of individual behaviour in a privacy preserving manner. This digital twin is used to create exposure models for individuals based on their behaviour and contact. To collaborate with critical personal data in a privacy preserving, compliant and secure manner.


A deeper dive on our enabling technologies


What is a Data Trust?

This document provides clean context of what a datatrust is and highlights all the moving parts which differentiate it from other privacy solutions.


Dismantling the Data Status Quo

Technological innovation has been lauded as the hallmark of the past century. We focus so much on the amazing opportunities technology provides that we neglect to ask the question, “At what cost?”

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