Solutions for Financial Services

Streamline and improve customer interactions, risk mitigation and fraud prevention


Improved risk mitigation and fraud prevention

Financial services institutions face increasing regulatory compliance requirements and also require adaptable risk mitigation and fraud prevention measures. DTaaS regulatory compliance and enables institutions to rapidly respond to these needs.

Data-driven decisions in financial services

Prompt, secure and timely access to data is essential for financial services institutions. DTaaS empowers these institutions to make more-informed decisions through a single source of truth datatrust.

Data monetization and securitization

Create new revenue streams from data and derivative data through licensing arrangements with third parties. Use data as a means to shore up balance sheets and unlock shareholder value.


A deeper dive on our enabling technologies


What is a Data Trust?

This document provides clean context of what a datatrust is and highlights all the moving parts which differentiate it from other privacy solutions.


Dismantling the Data Status Quo

Technological innovation has been lauded as the hallmark of the past century. We focus so much on the amazing opportunities technology provides that we neglect to ask the question, “At what cost?”

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