Sightline Innovation Security Products

The Sightline cloud data platform

Technology alone is not enough to combat cyber threats. At Sightline, we use a unique cloud data platform that combines technology with data collaboration, value creation, analytics and governance to continuously improve solutions at a speed and sophistication unmatched in the industry.


Securely collaborate

Our platform enables enterprise data collaboration which can be used to solve complex problems by breaking down data silos, with full control of data rights and access

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Break down data silos

Our platform enables broad data collaboration to solve complex problems that require data silos to be broken down - all within a set standard of policy guidelines - that you define.


Retain ownership and control

Our platform lets you own, control, trade and drive value from your data. It enables your customers and stakeholders to assert their legal rights.


Data access management

Define and enforce precision access rights on datasets via smart contracts and secure virtual SD-WAN networks

Create value

Our platform allows you to gain valuable insights from your data and create new revenue streams, under precise audit and control systems


Generate new revenue

Our platform ensures you are a trusted organization which helps you to engage more with your customers, increase revenues, and create new data markets


Make better decisions

Make data-driven decisions about operations, partnerships, funding and more.


Less redundancies

Decrease the amount of time and money spent by your organization by reducing redundancies in record-keeping and programmatic data


Our platform provides distributed data rights management and facilitates compliance with global privacy legislation. Privacy controls can be adjusted based on data sensitivity.


Data rights management

Distributed Data Rights management facilitates compliance with global privacy legislation, utilizes an audit trail of data usage and enforces data usage rights via smart contract.


Eliminate privacy conflicts

Our platform eliminates the conflict between privacy and sharing through the use of algorithms and policy constructs.


Data residency management

Define and enforce where data resides at each transaction. Leave Data in place irrespective of usage requirements.


Our platform establishes data control, rights, routing, and exchange policies, and provides a trusted and secure way to address data usage and derivative data.


Smart contract enforcement

Define and enforce precision access rights on datasets via smart contracts and secure virtual SD-WAN networks.


Keep your data in place

Our platform enables data to remain in place for AI learning. It allows for collaboration and sharing of intelligence and data without compromising any sensitive data.


Maintain chain of custody

Our platform provides an auditable and immutable log of data transactions to ensure data is utilized in the manner in which it was intended.